Sustainable Management

Environmental Management


환경경영 개요 썸네일 환경경영 개요 썸네일

  • We are making environmental management a core part of all of our corporate activities as part of our proactive response to climate change. We are establishing and implementing executive strategies to help us realize our vision of ‘Creating Green Value.’
    Environmental Management Strategy
    • Foundation for environmental management
      • Efforts to reduce carbon emissions
      • Energy-saving campaigns
      • Establishment of safe working environments
      • Conducting of environmental education
    • Advancement of environmental processes
      • Promotion of carbon emissions trading
      • Sharing cases of environmental improvement with the KPI
    • Environmental management evaluation system
      • Establishment of environmental management plans based on the company’s Integrated Environment and Energy System (LETS) and the promotion of relevant inspections


    Rho, Jun-hyungRepresentative Director

    • · General supervision of environmental and carbon management
    • · Management of environmental performance and review of improvements

    Environmental Management Team

    Seong-il Um Team Leader
    Hye-ji Jang Manager
    Hyun-soo Park Senior

    • · Department in charge of Environmental Management
    • · Integrated environmental and energy system management
    • · Establishes annual plans and KPI
    • · Performance monitoring / evaluation
    • · Responding to environmental issues

    Strategic Planning Team

    Whan-hee Lee Team Leader
    Chag-yeol Lee Manager​

    • · General management and review of carbon management investments
    • · Purchase and sale of emission credits

    Accounting Team

    Sang-phil Tae Team Leader​
    Sang-ho Jung Senior

    • · Accounting
    • · Support for accounting affairs pursuant to sales

    Facility Team

    Jeong-heon Kim Team Leader
    Jin-hyuk Kim Senior

    • · Facility Operation Management
    • · Energy Management (Electricity)
    • · Water Management

    Business Support Team

    Kyong-jong Wang Team Leader
    Bo-hyun Park Senior​

    • · Energy Management (LNG, Vehicles)
    • · Waste Management

    IDC Biz. Team

    Kwang-joo Lee Team Leader
    Jong-yong Yoon Manager

    • · Carbon Emissions Trading
    • · (Establishes annual plans and engages in performance management and monitoring, etc.)