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With advanced ICT experience conveniences in transportation,
environment, housing, and work in urban areas.

Smart Transportation






toll collection,
even at high speeds
Making your journey
quicker, safer and stop-free.
Uninterrupted service at speeds up to 160 km/h ensures stable operations,
and alleviates traffic congestion through improved throughput.
  • 160KM/h

    High speed operation Automatic fare collection

  • 45%

    Substantial throughput improvement
    (1,500 vehicles → 2,180 vehicles)/1h

  • 99.9%

    System accuracy
    → Stable operation

  • 0.0sec

    Redundant control
    module for interruption
    → free service

Meet the references
  • 단차로 하이패스

    Multi-lane Hi-Pass
    Multi-lane Hi-Pass systems implemented for 192 expressway lanes administered by 145 branches under 8 KEC regional HQs
  • 북수원-순천 다차로 하이패스

    North Suwon - Suncheon Multi-lane Hi-Pass
    Multi-lane Hi-Pass system implementation (2-lane, 2-set)
  • 부산 광안대로 다차로 하이패스

    Gwangan Daero, Busan Multi-lane Hi-Pass
    Multi-lane Hi-Pass system implementation(2-lane, 1-set)
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