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Smart Retail Smart Retail


STT/TA Solutions




Analyze customer behavior patterns to boost store profits.
Analyze customer gaze, movement and picking patterns using AI,
then optimize your product arrangement to encourage purchases.
  • 상품 분석 썸네일 상품 분석 썸네일

    Product analysis
    • · Analysis of products-of-interest and popular products
    • · Analysis of related products and product recommendations
  • 재고 파악 썸네일 재고 파악 썸네일

    Determination of inventory
    • · Determination of inventory for products on display
    • · Minimizing loss of sales opportunities
  • 스마트 리테일 분석 썸네일 스마트 리테일 분석 썸네일

    Smart retail analysis
    • · Applications in unmanned sales
    • · Integrated into smart shelves
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