Digital Transformation


We transform your business and increase productivity
with Latest Digital Technology
for Intelligent Enterprise.

We transform your business and increase productivity
with Latest Digital Technology
for Intelligent Enterprise.

Digital Transformation 메뉴


스마트 팩토리 스마트 팩토리

Advanced manufacturing sites that view and control processes in real time
such as Demand Prediction, Production Process, and Safety Management

  • Smart Factroy (Consulting)
    Smart Factroy (Consulting)
    Evaluates the level of digitalization at the manufacturing site based on the business model and suggest best case through customized consulting.
    Monitors the entire production flow by collecting IoT-based production facility data.
  • MES/S&OP
    Efficiently manages production process based on accurate demand forecasts linked to production systems.
    Implements intelligent factory deployments even for large-scale factories with thousands of data in real time.
  • Factory Automation
    Factory Automation
    Supports production automation through device components, quality analysis equipment, production instrumentation, and interworking systems.
  • Smart Safety
    Smart Safety
    Promptly responds in case of emergency based on IoT device and its smart alert functions.

스마트 물류 스마트 물류

Automated logistics with cutting-edge IT
for overall process including shipping, storage and delivery

  • Logistics BPO Platform
    Logistics BPO Platform
    Provides integrated management of the entire logistics process such as ordering, sales, and settlement with supporting decision making based on data.
  • Blockchain history solution
    Blockchain history solution
    Manages the history of imported livestock products based on blockchain technology to increase transparency of transactions
  • Vehicle Control System
    Vehicle Control System
    Provides effective solutions for vehicle operation and suggest optimal transportation and delivery routes based on IoT and AI technology.
  • AR Vision picking
    AR Vision picking
    Utilizes wearables based on AR technology to increase productivity of logistics warehouse management tasks.
  • araAiR
    Secures real-time logistics management task by utilizing IoT-based drones.

스마트 리테일 스마트 리테일

Innovative distribution stores transforming shopping experience
from marketing to on/offline integration

  • LOTTE Mobile Gift Certificates/Coupons
    Mobile gift certificates and coupons
    for added convenience in shopping
  • araView
    Analyzes customer behavior patterns to optimize product arrangement to encourage purchases
  • ESL
    Uses e-paper display to show real-time product information for promotions that fit the targets
  • Information robot
    Information robot
    A smart way of providing various information and fun for customers
  • Robot POS
    Robot POS
    AI-based payment services that provide futuristic experience while communicating with customers
  • STT/TA Solutions
    STT/TA Solutions
    Improves CRM center service quality by analyzing voice and text data