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With advanced ICT experience conveniences in transportation,
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Providing safe, highly efficient system
based on 20+ years of business operation know-how
and the largest
reference in Korea.

largest reference in korea based on 20 years of know-how

System implementation
  • Automatic train control, train protection system and communication system construction for railroad safety operation
Consolidated control
  • Integrated signal, communication, and security control system for efficient station and operation management
System interface
  • Interface between railway signal, communication, mechanical and electrical installation systems
System maintenance
  • Maintenance of railway signal and communication system for uninterrupted train operation and stable operation

Safety first, we provide convenience
to our customers.

  • Safe train operation
    • Real-time exchange of information to prevent accidents and allow immediate response
  • Enhanced convenience of operation
    • Transmission networks for voice, data and image signals necessary for railway operation
  • Automation of operation functions
    • Automatic operation and control of trains, train stop position control, automatic door control
  • Improved passenger services
    • Improved passenger convenience and safety through train destination announcements and underground broadcast relay systems
  • Improved equipment efficiency
    • Allows for the real-time monitoring, maintenance and servicing of equipment
  • Train monitoring control
    • Automatic train operation schedule control, train operation monitoring and remote control

Rain signal/communication systems
implemented nationwide.

철도 신호/통신 시스템 : 사업명, 기간, 고객사 항목으로 구성된 표
Project Term Client
Improvement of fiber optic communication network for advanced information communication infrastructure 2017 ~ 2019 Seoul Metro
Procurement and installation of station communications equipment for AREX Airport Express 2017 ~ 2018 Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.
Procurement and installation of consolidated rail communication network (LTE-R) for Wonju ~ Gangneung rail 2016 ~ 2018 Korea Rail Network Authority
Implementation of signal system for Sosa ~ Wonsa double-track electrified rail 2013 ~ 2018 Hyundai E&C, Daewoo E&C
Phase 2 and 3 communication system implementation, Seoul Metro Line 9 2013 ~ 2018 Seoul Metropolitan Infrastructure Headquarters
Phase 2 and 3 signaling system implementation, Seoul Metro Line 9 2012 ~ 2018 Seoul Metropolitan Infrastructure Headquarters
Signaling system implementation for Westward extension, Daegu Metro Line 1 2014 ~ 2016 Daegu Urban Rail Construction Headquarters
Signaling and communication systems for Daegu Metro Line 3 2011 ~ 2015 Daegu Urban Rail Construction Headquarters
Korail Airport Railroad communication system 2002 ~ 2011 Airport Railroad Co., Ltd.
Phase 1 signaling system implementation, Seoul Metro Line 9 2006 ~ 2009 Hyundai Rotem
Consolidated monitoring system implementation for Seoul Metro Line 2 2007 ~ 2008 Seoul Metro
Signaling system implementation for Gwangju Metro Line 1 1999 ~ 2008 Gwangju Urban Rail Construction Headquarters
High-speed fiber optic communications network implementation for Korean National Railroad 2003 ~ 2006 Korea Railroad Corporation
Signaling systems implementation for Daegu Metro Line 2 2002 ~ 2005 Daegu Urban Rail Construction Headquarters
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