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Factory Automation

From design to manufacturing and release,
automate your manufacturing processes to boost productivity.
We support production line automation
by implementing system integration, device components, quality analysis equipment and production
We support production line automation by implementing system integration,
device components,quality analysis equipment and production instrumentation.
공장자동화설비 썸네일 공장자동화설비 썸네일
공장자동화설비 썸네일 상세설명
  • 계측기 센서
  • 검사장비
  • 생산설비
  • 임베디드 PLC
Automation Technology
  • Consulting
    Efficient implementation to optimize physically distributed manufacturing resources
    into a single production line
    • - Production line organization and design consulting
    • - Consulting to improve line efficiency/optimization
  • Automated equipment system implementation
    • Delivery, installation and relocation of key production automation equipment
    • Equipment controller installation (instrumentation works)
    • Production equipment maintenance and servicing
  • HMI implementation
    • Equipment controller installation (PLC/Embedded/DCS)
    • Supply and installation of sensors and instruments
    • HMI implementation through the integration of multi-controller data
  • Supply of analytical equipment and
    development of interoperation systems
    • Supply of analytical equipment used for research and production quality control;
      Inter-operation systems development and support services
    • IT-based consolidation of entire system planning and design process, to provide tailored information products on time and at minimum cost
※ HMI: Human-Machine Interface (machinery status display equipment acting as interface between machinery and human operators)
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