We provide the best medical service with unique information technology and operational know-how
applied to large domestic and foreign hospitals for over 20 years.

Wellness Platform


Total Healthcare Portal Service HI-U Health-In-Us
We help create healthy lives for employees with customized services,
health diaries, family health care, and smart medical checkups.
  • 건강정보 건강정보

    Health info

    • Hospital Record Translation Service
    • Find a hospital / pharmacy
    • Provides health info and exercise plan
  • 질환관리 질환관리

    Illness mgmt

    • Drug administration management
    • Medical records management
    • Health metrics monitoring
  • 건강활동 건강활동


    • Ranking match with friends
    • Entertainment related to health
  • 건강관리 건강관리

    Health mgmt

    • Provides Health Diary
    • Total Health Score Display
    • Remote Family Health Care
  • 건강검진 건강검진

    Medical checkup

    • Linkage of multiple domestic centers
    • Reservation and Schedule Check
    • Results Monitoring
  • 커뮤니티 커뮤니티


    • Sharing health information
    • Real time communication with experts
Healthcare that fits your life
Personalized healthcare service provided by HI-U platform
HI-U provides optimized service for you such as health information monitoring
and family health teleview and information sharing communities.
  • 개인 맞춤 서비스

    Personalized Service
    Provides customized services for improving health, including the Dashboard, medical records, and dosage management.
  • 건강 다이어리

    Health Diary
    Step-counting, moisture levels and dietary data collection using mobile sensors for the combined management of physical activity, ingestion, sleep and other health-related data.
  • 가족 건강 돌봄

    Family health care
    It remotely checks the health status of parents and acquaintances and shares health information such as test results and medication status.
  • 건강검진

    Medical checkup
    Simplifies checkup process by multiple connection of the examination centers offering examination results analysis, health counseling, reservation services, statistics and settlement work by institution.
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