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Personal information consignment management system

Manage personal information systematically
to minimize the risk of leaks.
The personal information consignment process consists of contract-signing,
execution management, and follow-up inspection.
Legal requirements are thoroughly reflected in the contract-signing phase, while the execution of the contract is closely monitored and necessary education and training are provided
over the course of the agreement.
Upon termination, security inspections and reporting to outside agencies are managed.
One-Stop 관리 썸네일 One-Stop 관리 썸네일
One-Stop 관리 썸네일 상세설명
  1. 계약전
    • 사전 점검
    • 필수사항 체크
  2. 중간 관리
    • 실태점검 및 교육
    • 정보보호 모니터링
  3. 종료후
    • 사후 보안점검
    • 대외기관 보고
Why SecuFy Privacy?
SecuFy Privacy allows for easy privacy management.
  • 체계적인 위 ∙ 수탁 계약 썸네일

    Systematic consignment contracting
    • · Differentiated by consignment type and object
    • · Contract life-cycle management
  • 문서 발송 및 파기 썸네일

    Document dispatch and disposal
    • · Outgoing/incoming list monitoring
    • · Document disposal certificate registration and management
  • 실태점검 썸네일

    Status inspection
    • · Registration and management of important items
    • · Inspection to ensure the implementation of improvements
  • 교육 관리 썸네일

    Training management
    • · Administration of mandatory training

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  • 롯데카드 로고 썸네일 롯데카드 로고 썸네일
    LOTTE Card
  • 롯데멤버스 로고 썸네일 롯데멤버스 로고 썸네일
    LOTTE Members
  • 신한카드 로고 썸네일 신한카드 로고 썸네일
    Shinhard Card
  • DB손해보험 DB손해보험
    DB Insurance
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