Sustainable Management

Corporate Social Responsibility


  • We are growing hand-in-hand with the local community through a wide range of regularly scheduled community service activities.

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  • Our CSR value system
    Mission / Purpose
    Sharing experiences to create a world where everyone smiles together.
    Corporate Attributes + Social Value Creation
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진
      win-win management, etc.
      Persistent concerns about social problems
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진
      Coding, IT learning,
      cultural activities, etc.
      Education-based interrelationship
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진
      Through CSV collaboration
      with social institutions
      Establishment of Sustainable Social Contribution Model
  • Current status of CSR activities
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진

      IT Talent Donation

      Specialized ICT Social Contribution Activities Utilizing the IT Capabilities of Employees
      IT Supporters
      · Coding Education for the Underprivileged
      · IT-related Career Counseling
      · Making Books for the Blind
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진

      CSR-friendly culture

      Establishment of a sound corporate culture through a system such as granting credits to volunteer activities, etc.
      CharLOTTE Community Service
      · Volunteering at Local Children's Centers
      · Support for Daily Necessities for people
      · Protecting Nature Environment
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진

      Value-added collaboration

      Improving social contribution values and quality through collaboration with organizations.
      · Geumcheon-gu Regional Children's Center
      · Geumcheon-gu Office
      · Korean Red Cross
  • Activity Plan
    • IT Supporters
      • Purpose of activities : Granting opportunities for anyone to enjoy equal education and information
      • Supporters : A total of 28 people who completed professional course
      • Benefit and Content
        1 underprivileged children/adolescents : IT coding education, career counseling
        2 Blind : e-books for the blind, Braille booklet production/distribution
        3 Other NGOs : PC donation of love, etc.
    • CharLOTTE Community Service
      • Purpose of activities : Conducting contributions to social values of enterprises under various themes every month
      • Volunteer group member : 41 people (operation, content making, etc.)
      • Benefit and Content
        1 Preliminary Mom Project: Making Love Attachment Dolls
        2 Geumcheon-gu Office : Making Kimchi, Protecting Regional Environment
        3 Local Children's Center : Daycare, Environment Maintenance, and Necessities production/support ※ social contribution activities on every month