We create a new level of convenience for your life by using cutting-edge technology
in transportation, environment, housing, and business

We create a new level of convenience
for your life by using cutting-edge technology
in transportation, environment, housing, and business

스마트 빌딩 스마트 빌딩

Intelligent, automated smart building

  • IBS
    Efficient management and operation cost reduction through facility integration and automatic control.
  • Smart Parking
    Smart Parking solution
    Automatic recognition of license plate, parking space guidance, vehicle location check, fare settlement function for convenience of customers and managers.

스마트 교통 스마트 교통

convenient and safe transportation system using
advanced information technology

  • Self-driving Shuttle
    Self-driving Shuttle
    We present the smart city of the future with an environment-friendly, driverless autonomous shuttle built on our level-4 self-driving technologies.
  • EV Charger
    EV Charger
    Our EV charger business supports the construction of a sustainable, future-driven, smart transportation system based on clean energy.
  • C-ITS (Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems)
    C-ITS (Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems)
    A new concept system that provides information to drivers in real time by communicating with vehicles, roads, and infrastructure.
  • Open road tolling
    Open road tolling
    Reduces traffic jams by automatically paying tolls without stopping at 160km / h.
  • AFC(Auto Fare Collection System)
    AFC(Auto Fare Collection System)
    A one-stop system from toll collection to settlement, which provides convenience to customers and allows operators to manage more efficiently.
  • Rail Signal Communication System
    Rail Signal Communication System
    Providing safe, highly efficient system based on 20+ years of business operation know-how and the largest reference in Korea.

Home & City Home & City

Smart lifestyle experience based on AI and IoT technology

  • Smart Office Solution
    Smart Office Solution
    Smart Work Total Solution for efficient work such as open office space to create creative ideas and collaboration tools that can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Home IoT
    Home IoT
    Easily controls your home devices to reduce unnecessary waste and keep your family safe with specialized security technologies.

Infra & Energy Infra & Energy

Advanced IT Infrastructure Reduces Costs and Improves Convenience

  • LETS (LOTTE Environmental & Energy Total Solution)
    LETS (LOTTE Environmental & Energy Total Solution)
    An integrated data management system for reducing corporate environmental management risks and increasing work efficiency.
  • Smart facility management
    Smart facility management
    Efficiently manages assets and energy and reduce costs with a one-stop service tailored to the building life cycle.
  • Solar Power Generation
    Solar Power Generation
    Produces eco-friendly energy semi-permanently with solar power system.
  • ESS (Energy Storage System)
    ESS(Energy Storage System)
    Reduces the rate of energy stored at night time by using peak time.