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With advanced ICT experience conveniences in transportation,
environment, housing, and work in urban areas.

Energy cost savings
Off-peak energy rates, 24 hours a day
Electricity costs are reduced by using stored energy during peak hours, with additional benefits from using preferential ESS utility rates.
에너지 비용 절감 그래프
Use in conjunction with new and renewable energy
Use electricity generated through solar power even when it's raining outside.
Save the energy generated on sunny days for a rainy day,
addressing a major shortcoming of new and renewable energy.
  • Uses ESS to store excess energy
  • Use stored energy
Use as emergency power source
Seamless transition to ESS power in the event of a blackout.
Sudden blackouts and other power emergencies can be effectively handled
sing ESS systems.
Lotte Data Communication to implement ESS systems in Guri... “Expanding renewable energy business” 신문기사
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