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Fair Transaction Practices


공정거래 개요 이미지 공정거래 개요 이미지

  • About Our Compliance Program (CP) for fair transaction practices

    Our Compliance Program (CP) is comprised of legal compliance systems and standards of conduct voluntarily implemented by the company to ensure compliance with all laws and statutes relating to fair business practices. At the core of our CP is a preemptive prevention system that identifies and eliminates any legal infractions, and the continued efforts of all employees to abide by our standards of conduct. In July 2014, the CEO as well as all the directors and employees of LOTTE Data Communication worked together and voluntarily declared our CP for fair transactions compliance. Since then, compliance officers have been appointed to ensure that our company engages only in responsible fair transaction practices. By conducting efficient transaction operations that are compliant with all relevant laws and statutes, we are taking the lead in establishing a fair transaction culture.

  • Core elements

    공정거래 Compliance Program 공정거래 Compliance Program

    Compliance Program Detail
    • CP Standards and procedure
    • CEO Statement of conviction
    • Designating the manager in charge of CP
    • CP Guideline
    • Education program
    • Internal monitoring system
    • Punishment of employees who violate fair trade
    • Effectiveness valuation and feedback
  • Whistle-blowing
    • Center for the Reporting of Unfair Transactions and Unethical Conduct
      • · Unfair corporate actions, unfair transactions, unfair transactions with subcontractors, and other violations of the Fair Trade Act and Subcontracting Act
      • · Acts involving the receipt of money/valuables or the demanding of money/values using one's position or rank
      • · Unauthorized release or disclosure of trade secrets or personal information, etc.
      • · Other illegal acts related to labor, knowledge assets, environment and safety, etc.
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