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With advanced ICT experience conveniences in transportation,
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MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
wireless communication services provider
We offer independent mobile communication services by co-working with
mobile network operator to enhance customer’s IT competitiveness
도형, 이미지, 표 등이 포함된 인포그래픽입니다.
Offering integrated IoT service based on wireless network
  • We offer customized integrated IT Management service to diverse business area (e.g retail, food, chemical, construction, manufacturing, service, etc.) by combination of IoT Solution and mobile network service
돈 모양으로 구성된 막대그래프가 있는 이미지입니다.
Reasonable mobile plan
  • Planning/Offering adaptable mobile plan that we able to cut mobile network cost of customer use
통신사와 회사 기지국 안테나가 보이는 이미지입니다.
Optimal network perfomance
We guarantee high QoS of wireless network by obtaining wireless telephone and network service
두 사람이 각자 책상 위에서 업무를 보며 대화하는 이미지입니다.
Provide premium monitoring maintenance
  • We monitor wireless network 24/7 so that we support satisfactory customer service
We offer mobile network service in any business condition
If a device needs a wireless network, we design an optimal call/mobile plan to help customers strengthen their IT competitiveness.
  • Tablet PC for ordering

    Tablet PC for ordering
    · Tablet kiosk utilizing mobile network
    · Tablet pc data plan / M2M data plan
  • Smart devices for corporate use / Sales

    Smart devices for corporate use / Sales
    · Tablet PC or corporate phone for salesman/field management
    · Tablet pc data plan / Mobile data plan
  • Retail POS System, Automated Teller Machine

    Retail POS System, Automated Teller Machine
    · mobile network service supporting POS and ATM transaction
    · M2M data plan etc
  • Concierge service device

    Concierge service device
    · mobile network service for operating housekeeping PDA etc
    · Tablet pc data plan / Mobile data plan
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