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With advanced ICT experience conveniences in transportation,
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Solar Power Generation

Generate environmentally friendly energy
using our unmanned solar power generation systems
designed for semi-permanent use.
  • 1
    Easy installation and management.
    • · Comprehensive center composed of IT infrastructure specialists
    • · Country: Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.
  • 2
    Prolonged product service life
    • · By using highly reliable products, we ensure a semi-permanent lifespan.
  • 3
    Prompt management
    • · Systems are managed in real-time
      through our Energy Management System (EMS),
      which allows us to promptly respond
      to any anomalies or failures.
  • 4
    High reliability
    • · Unsurpassed technological prowess to achieve SPC + REC = 100% profitability.
    • ※ SMP(System Marginal Price) : Price of electricity generated by solar power stations
      when purchased by the Korea Electric Power Corporation
    • ※ REC(Renewable Energy Certificates) : Profits from sale of renewable energy
      supply certificates by power plants
Previous implementations
  • 100.5 kW solar power system for Topyeong Water Purification Plant in Guri,
    34.15 kW solar power system for mixed-use building in Noryangjin
  • 1,048 kW solar power system for Coway factory in Yugu,
    48 kW solar power system for Coway Logistics Center
  • 5 kW solar power system for Lotte Chemical Daejeon R&D Center
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